Commercial Plumbing Systems – Installing the Right Pipe System Will Save You Money

commercial plumbing

When it comes to commercial plumbing, the possibilities are endless. This type of plumbing is used by businesses, malls, hospitals and more. In fact, commercial plumbing is a lot more complicated than residential plumbing. It involves more extensive planning and requires specialized equipment.

Commercial plumbing, as mentioned above, involves every aspect of a building’s drainage system. Residential plumbing deals with fixtures and services for the individual dwelling, such as toilet, sink and shower. Commercial plumbing involves extensive repair and installation of drains, pipes and fixtures. Therefore, it is imperative for a company to hire a professional to properly handle the repair work for commercial buildings.

For instance, if a plumbing issue occurs in a residential property, a homeowner can call a plumber to troubleshoot. However, if the damage is much worse on a commercial property, then it may require more extensive repairs. Some residential areas are prone to a specific type of plumbing, while other residential buildings are prone to all different types of plumbing problems. For instance, condominium complexes may have a leaky pipe at the bottom of the laundry room. If this pipe is not repaired, then the water will quickly spread throughout the complex causing costly damage to carpets and drywall.

Commercial buildings that are prone to hot temperatures have a special need for commercial plumbing. Heaters must be installed near water heaters to prevent leaks. The same goes for water heaters. It is essential for commercial plumbing to be correctly installed by qualified professionals to prevent catastrophic damage from water leaks. Additionally, copper pipes are often recommended for water heating systems because they are resistant to corrosion.

A major difference between residential and commercial plumbing is with regards to septic services. Plumbers perform septic services in both commercial and residential buildings to ensure that residents are able to enjoy clean, healthy water. When it comes to septic services, however, there is a huge difference in cost. In residential areas, it is usually not a large expense; however, for commercial plumbing, a plumber may actually charge several hundred dollars to handle maintenance.

Fortunately, there are some commercial plumbing jobs that can easily be done by a handy do-it-yourselfer. For instance, baseboard drains can easily be installed in most buildings with less than $200. Baseboard drains are used to collect rainwater runoff from walls and floors, which then use gravity to transport liquid waste away from your premises. In residential areas, wall baseboard drains can be installed using stainless steel or copper piping. On the other hand, copper pipes are often preferred in larger buildings. If pipes are chosen incorrectly, they can corrode over time.

With all of this plumbing systems available for smaller businesses, many commercial properties are now more efficient and cost-effective. However, if a commercial plumbing system is overlooked or improperly maintained, it could have serious consequences. Water leaking from your pipes can result in serious problems, such as leaky sinks, flooding, and even sewage backups. And since residential plumbing systems are not as complex or as large, it can be easier for a plumber to overlook a problem or make a mistake during the installation process. This can cost you money when your toilet overflows or your garbage disposal system backs up.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to make sure that you hire a licensed, bonded professional to perform any type of commercial plumbing repair work. Hiring a licensed, bonded plumber will help guarantee that the repairs being made are done right. He or she will also be familiar with local codes and insurance requirements, which can sometimes pose a problem when working on residential pipes. If at any point during the installation process of a commercial plumbing system, you are unsure of what is involved or unsure of the correct methods of repair, it is best to hire the assistance of a licensed professional to make sure that the job is completed correctly.