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Water Heater Repair and Installation

Is your water heater in need of repair or replacement? Our skilled plumber can diagnose and advise you on your best course of action. Call us now!

Do not try this at home should be the smart do-it-yourself homeowner’s mantra when it comes to many household appliances and utilities. Unless you have professional training, licenses, and insurance in plumbing, electrical, and gas lines, consider getting your kicks elsewhere. Replacing shutters, building an outdoor kitchen and living space could be an edifying way to express yourself. Skip replacing or repairing hot water heaters, unless you want to flood your home. Note of caution, your homeowners insurance might balk and skip payment if they find out you were messing with your hot water heater and caused the flooding yourself.

Anyway, hot water heaters are one of those appliances everyone relies on. Most older models at this point have a water tank, which means there is potential for flooding. If that occurs, there is an emergency. You cannot take a nice warm shower, wash dishes or clothes. It could be on the brink of a major bust, all over the floor.

Many people do not think much about the water heater until it is spitting out cold water mixed in with a hint of tepid and lukewarm drops. Instead of letting it get to this point, consider a few things. The first is that professional licensed plumbers can come out and take a look at the water heater annually and ensure that you are getting maximum life out of the old tank water heater.

Then, when it is time to make a replacement, they will be able to make a recommendation. All of this without the nasty surprise and drama of 45 gallons of water flooding your home.

Time To Replace?

When it is time to replace your hot water heater, always hire a trusted and licensed plumber. If you are not aware, hot water heaters are usually in the hardest-to-reach part of the home, snuck into a small closet or under stairs in the unfinished part of the cellar. In other words, think of the scariest place in your home that you never want to venture, and it is a good guess that is where you will find the hot water heater.

If you think it is false, just ask your plumber about their horror stories of the hot water heater placement. They can talk to you for hours about it.

They will also be able to make hot water heater recommendations based upon what is available on the market that will work well with your heating system. In addition, they make their recommendations based on how much water your family uses, your budget, and any other considerations or concerns that you express to them.

The professional plumber is worth their weight in gold. They can work in small cramped and dark spaces to make emergency and day-to-day repairs effectively. Look for a firm that provides plumbers who have the best work record in the field. You can expect professionalism from licensed plumbers, as well as excellent expertise.

Is your water heater in need of repair or replacement? Call the professionals at Pro Plumber Tacoma today for a fast diagnosis!

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