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Make the right call! Our team of Seattle based plumbers has experience in all phases of residential and commercial plumbing, including septic, re-piping, drain service, leak repair, water lines, and much more. All services are guaranteed.

Experience You Can Trust

Ask around. Your friends, neighbors, and co-workers have trusted us for 20+ years with their plumbing problems, and so can you. One call will tell you we’re different in a very good way. Fair, affordable pricing, hassle-free, and super-fast. Call now.

Free, No-Hassle Estimates

A fast, reasonable, affordable estimate is what you expect from a plumbing contractor, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Dripping faucets, leaking pipes, and main-line repairs… we do everything for less, and with a smile!

Leaky, Dripping Pipes

If your faucets or pipes are dripping, or full-on leaking, the time to put a stop to it is now, before the water does damage and before your water bill goes sky-high. This is one problem you really should call a plumber for right away, and we’re here to help. Water lines develop leaks, and valves and faucets need repair all the time, and having them repaired or replaced doesn’t need to break the bank. Call us today.

Toilet and Drain Clogs

Serious plumbing issues can hide, and often a drain or toilet clog is a sign of worse things to come. Don’t let the worst happen to you. Our team of professional plumbers is ready to not only fix your clogged pipes, but also to diagnose and address the underlying causes, and prevent disaster from happening before the worst happens. Call now.

Fixtures, Sinks, Appliances

We’re not just plumbers who fix things! We install all sorts of fixtures, like sinks, showers, faucets, and tubs. we also install appliances like water heaters, disposals, and washers, and we handle the piping for these installs every day. If soldering pipe isn’t you thing, don’t worry — it’s ours! Call us today at (253) 252-5999!

Sewer & Septic Systems

For major repairs and upgrades, like sump pumps, septic systems, and sewage line repairs, folks throughout Seattle and King County have been calling us for years, and with good reason. We’re experienced, capable, and determined to provide you with repairs and service that will make you smile, at a price you will find fair, reasonable, and affordable. Even if it’s simply a switch or float failing, or a simple leak in your supply-line, our pros know how to rack down and fix these issues fast. Call us today.

Water Pressure Issues

You may not think about it, but both low- and high- water pressure can be serious problems in themselves, or indicative of even more serious problems. Our team of plumbers in Seattle can diagnose these issues fast, and with a minimum of hassle and fuss. Older pipes such as iron or galvanized piping may need to be replaced, or it may be as simple as a crimp in the supply-line. No matter… give us a call and we’ll figure it out.

Are You Near Me?

If you live in Seattle, or anywhere in King County, we’re near you, and just a phone call away. Our professional, experienced plumbers will come to your home or business, respect your time and your property, keep everything neat and clean, and clearly explain everything to you. They will answer all your questions, and help you decide the best course of action to correct your plumbing issues fast and affordably. Many of your neighbors have already chosen to trust us with their leaks, clogs, pipes, and sewer concerns. Once you call us, you’ll know why.

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