Water heater installsThe use of hot water has become so familiar to us that we have grown addicted to it, and has become an essential necessity in our lives, and yet we often forget the cost we pay for this convenient innovation. This article will be entirely about the subject of hot water heater cost, where we will discuss about the best options of water heating in the financial aspects, both long term and short term; as well as the pros and cons of different types of water heating methods. So read along this article about hot water heater cost and you might be able to learn a thing or two that could help you save some money.

One of the main things one should know about hot water heater cost is that it varies according to many factors such as the method of heating, the quantity, and the efficiency. One of the most common methods of water heating is using a tank that holds about 50 to 80 gallons in a normal household, to fill up water and heat it either by gas or electricity. When talking about hot water heater cost regarding this method, the price would roughly be around 100 to 600 dollars for the electric type and 250 to 1000 for gas ones. The installation of these types of would cost around 200 to 400 dollars, and it depends on factors such as the current setup and the size of the tank. With gas or electricity, the initial hot water heater cost is less. However in the long run it will eventually become less profitable as you will have to continue spending money on electricity or gas.

Another method of water heating that one can’t ignore when talking about hot water heater cost is solar water heaters. The initial cost of purchasing and installing this type of a water heater is around 1000 to 5000 dollars which is quite expensive compared to other types, but one can save up that additional money in a few months as it doesn’t require gas or electricity.

An instant heater that doesn’t require tanks is another means of water heating. When talking about hot water heater cost regarding this type of heaters, they could cost around 200 to 1000 dollars and the installation price could even be four times than normal if significant changes such as resizing the supply lines or venting are required for it to be properly installed.

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