Pike Place Market Seattle Famous For Unique Flavor

Pike Place Market - Seattle

by Nick Hall Photography – www.visitseattle.org

The city of Seattle, WA has so much culture and unique areas that it can be a bit overwhelming for a visitor to the city. There are so many different sections of the city that contain different top Seattle tourist attractions and areas of interest. However, what happens if the visitor doesn’t have a lot of time to visit all these attractions. There is a location that allows a visitor to be able to get a taste of Seattle without having to spend days and days traveling. Pike Place Market.

Pike’s Place Market is in downtown Seattle and gives a taste of the unique flavor of the city. It is an outdoor/indoor market that has so many different vendors. About the only thing they don’t offer is a plumber like this one… plumber-tacoma.net/seattle. When one thinks of market they think of vegetables, fruits, and foods like that. Pike Place Market has that and much much more.They have small restaurants, bakeries, and even independent vendors that might sell their wares to the Seattle area visitors.

While there are many different vendors in Pike Place Market, the best aspect of this place is that it is constantly changing. While there are every day attractions such as the fish throwing, the flower attractions and the fruit vendors. The independent vendors that sell arts and crafts change on a monthly basis. That means that every experience to Pike’s Place Market will be unique and different. It will never be the same experience twice.

Enjoy this YouTube video about Seattle’s Pike Place Market…

Outside of Pike’s Place Market there are sectioned off areas that allow Seattle street musicians to play their music. This adds a bit of flare to the Seattle neighborhood around the market and make the visit that much more special.

There’s never a worry about getting hungry at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. There are small restaurants throughout the market, and there are enough food vendors that one can get a taste for what Seattle is like. There are bakeries that feature cultural foods such as Russian baked goods, scones, and even donuts. If as a visitor one is looking to get a taste for the unique cultural flavor of Seattle, one will find it right here at Pike Place Market.

If one is looking for a one stop shop to get a feeling of Seattle, Washington, then Pike Place Market is the answer. There are shops, bakeries, and vendors that allow a visitor to get a view of what makes Seattle unique. Even if you’ve been to the market before remember every visit is a different experience!