Having A Fun Family Vacation In Seattle

Seattle Washington Aquarium

The Aquarium

Many cities are known for their attractions but many cities have plenty of less known attractions that can be a treasure to visit. A trip with your family to Seattle can be the most wonderful experience you will ever have. Due to the rainfall amount each year the area has a amazing landscape. And, if you’re wondering if there’s a Seattle plumber near me, there very likely is! Seattle is one of those cities that is easy to navigate your way around. You will find many activities that will be suitable for all ages of your family.

The best known landmark in the Seattle area is the Space Needle. The photos that you see over the internet or in books may not seem very impressive to you. When you see the Space Needle in person you will be impressed. You will definitely want to make sure you have your camera with you while visiting here. You will want to ride the elevator to the top where the observation deck is located. Everyone loves this because there is a revolving restaurant at the top. They have really good food. It is especially nice to have breakfast there in the early morning time. No matter what time of the day though you will have great views to look at.

There is a hands on experimental exhibit museum that is geared toward young children called Pacific Science Center located in Seattle. This museum offers some unusually rare exhibits even for a science museum of its vast size. The offer a butterfly exhibit that shows them from cocoon to adulthood. This exhibit leaves people marveling at the wonders of the butterflies beauty. It has a 80 foot wide IMAX screen located inside of it. The screen is able to bring nature to a more realistic level unlike a regular screen would. They show nature and underwater films but also will show films such as Toy Story there.

Here are some CRAZY Seattle vacation tips from Ellie and Jared…

If shopping is your pleasure then check out the Seattle Pike Place Market. You would not simply call this a “flea market” that would not do it the justification that it deserves. This place is a combination of a outdoor food market, shopping mall,fine dining, fast food, and clothing shops. It is easy to spend a whole day just having fun there even if you have kids with you.