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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Why do drains get clogged?
Drains usually get clogged because people aren’t careful of the things they put in them; especially when it comes to kitchen drains. Other drains, such as those in the bathroom, normally get clogged because of oil residues from hair, shampoos and soaps. It is therefore recommended that you be conscious of the things that you allow to go down your drains and treat them on a regular basis using a drain cleaner like Bio-Clean.
How can I limit leaking in my pipes?
To limit pipe leaking, it is important that you take time every once in a while to inspect them. If there are any lime or rust deposits in your pipes, this could be an indication that a leak may be starting soon. If you come across this, it is important that you contact Pro Plumber Tacoma at 253-252-5999 and have us address the problem. Performing regular inspections could help you address a minor problem before it becomes a large and rather expensive one. Often, leaking pipes will lead to the damage of your belongings and floor and could become even costlier if the problem was not detected early enough.
Can Pro Plumber Tacoma install new plumbing fixtures or a new sink in my home?
Honestly, most homeowners are well capable of doing such a task on their own. At the same time, most home centers and stores will even show you how to go about this. However, from experience, we have learned that some of these projects are usually better off if left to a professional. We have gotten many calls from customers who have gotten stuck in the middle of a plumbing related project.

Pro Plumber Tacoma can provide you quality plumbing and fixture installation and upgrade solutions when it comes to installing toilets, sinks, laundry hooks, laundry tubs, whirlpool tubs, bath tubs, garbage disposal systems, all kinds of faucets plus many more. Many of our clients have come to discover that we are skilled craftsmen when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling. As such, if you have a faucet or sink to replace, or are looking to remodel your kitchen, then Pro Plumber Tacoma should be the first company you call.

My water heater is leaking. What do I do?
In the event your water heater starts leaking, it is imperative that you contact us at Pro Plumber Tacoma immediately. A leaking water heater could mean that the bottom of your tank has rusted. The sad thing about this is that there isn’t an easy way to repair a rusted out tank, and your best option is to have a new water heater installed. Of course, we will first check for other causes, such as leaking pipes.
Is it much of a deal if my toilet is running?
A running toilet is not only an annoyance, it also is a waste of both money and water. A leaking toilets could raise your water bill by $100 each year. If it water continues to run into your toilet’s bowl even after you have flushed the toilet, this could indicate that there is a problem with the toilet’s mechanism. Sometimes, jiggling the flush valve mechanism a bit might solve the problem. However, you may have to replace the whole system. For professional advice and a diagnosis of the problem, contact Pro Plumber Tacoma at 253-252-5999 today.
What's safe to place in my garbage disposal?
Knowing what to put in, and what not to put in a garbage disposal is one thing that presents a problem for most homeowners. Here are a couple of tips that you need to consider to ensure that you keep your garbage disposal in good and working order:

When grinding to move waste down the drain lines, it is important that you always run cold water. Grease and fats thicken and harden in cold water, making it easier for them to be flushed down the system. Never use hot water as it dissolves grease and fats and they may then end up accumulating further down the drain line – worsening the situation.

Almost all sort of biodegradable food wastes can be disposed of in a disposer. However, never use your disposal system to grind oyster shells, cornhusks or food stuffs that are high in fiber content. But most of all, never, under any circumstances, put plastic, metal, glass or non-food materials in a disposer. This includes aluminum foils, tin covers and bottle caps – some of the most common items found in broken or clogged disposers.

The great thing about garbage disposal maintenance is that it is easy. Grinding eggshells and small bones could actually help clean the system as they scrap away pulp, stubborn deposits or citric acid. Grinding some ice through the system is another great way to clean of deposits and to get rid of odors. However, the good thing is that most disposers are self-cleaning.

My faucet makes banging noises every time I turn it off or on. What could be the problem?
Often, when a faucet bangs when turned on or off, it shows or is proof that there is a defective washer within the faucet that is increasing pressure through the pipes. This problem can sometime be easy to fix, so the homeowner can handle them. However, there are time that it is not. But you can rest assured that this is an easy fix for Pro Plumber Tacoma.
Do I REALLY need a plumber? It's just a leaky pipe!
It’s likely that you do, indeed, need a professional. In the first place, you probably do not know everything a plumber knows. Plumbers are highly skilled craftsmen who install, repair and maintain plumbing-related fixtures and pipes, diagnose drain problems and solve all home water system related problems.

What sets our plumbers at Pro Plumber Tacoma apart from the rest is our dedication to continued plumbing education and training. As such, our plumbers are well verses on how to use the latest plumbing tools and techniques to ensure that our customers’ every need is catered to. Our plumbing technicians not only get technical training but also are undisputed leader when it comes to customer service and customer service training. As such, you can rest assured that any plumber from our company that comes to you is friendly, professional and courteous.

My faucet is dripping. Why?
Normally, when a faucet drips, the problem usually has a simple solution to it. Generally, its internal mechanisms need to be replaced or rebuilt. The great thing is that this is an easy and rather inexpensive fix. You could also extend the life of your faucets by turning them off gently instead of forcefully.
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