Cool Things To Do In Seattle

Seattle is famous for Starbucks

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If you are planning on taking a trip to Seattle then you may be asking yourself what there is to do. Seattle has a wide variety of things to do with something for everyone. Click here for a plumber if you need one. Seattle offers great museums, wildlife parks, family activities, tours, nightlife and more. There is a great chance that you will not be lacking when it comes to find something to do on your trip to Seattle.

After reading about the Top 10 Attractions in Seattle, if you are a family looking for something to do you might want to consider visiting a zoo or wildlife park. One great zoo to visit while visiting Seattle is the Woodland Park Zoo. At the Woodland Park Zoo they have a little something for everyone. They offer different exhibits throughout the day to give you the chance to encounter different animals throughout the day. They also offer places to dine and shop throughout the shop. Ticket prices are affordable which make this a great place to visit.

If you are looking for a museum to visit Seattle offers quite a few to choose from. One of those choices should be the Seattle Art Museum. They offer a vast array of programs to choose from such as a family programs, public programs, teen programs, as well as community programs. They have some great art that is on display as well as many hands on activities for kids. Another great museum is the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Before taking a visit it is a good idea to check and see if they are offering one of their free days. On these days you will not have to pay admission to enter. At the Seattle Asian Art Museum there are many great exhibits that are sure to interest everyone.

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When you are looking for some more grown up things to do Seattle offers some great nightlife activities. They have a vast array of bars and nightclubs to choose from. They have clubs that will appeal to everyone such as dance clubs, jazz clubs, as well as comedy clubs. There are so many great things to do in Seattle your only problem is choosing what it is that you would like to do next.