Padded Toilet Seat

An example of a soft padded toilet seat.

So you go making all seats in your household as comfortable as possible, but neglect that important seat that you use day in and day out? Why not consider making it comfortable too? After all, you deserve comfort all along the way, even when it comes to toilet seats.

Padded toilet seats are especially made to cater to comfort needs. If you have babies who are just being potty trained, it would be good to install a padded toilet seat to support their learning. Sometimes, if the babies feel like the big potty seat is uncomfortable compared to the tiny potty seat they have been using when they were toddlers, they may not want to be trained on it. So installing a padded toilet seat as part of a bathroom make-over, and in addition to the new bathroom plumbing you need to do anyway, would most definitely do the trick.

When you choose a padded toilet seat, you may want to look at several aspects. The first would be the dimensions. Make sure that the padded toilet seat fits the dimensions of your existing bowl. Secondly, pay attention to the material from which the padding has been done. Some padded toilet seats (depending on its material) will start deforming after few months of use. It is best to ask the seller if they provide money back guarantee or a period of warranty for the padded toilet seat that you are about to purchase. Finally, you may want to compare the standard prices of padded toilet seats before making the purchasing decision. Other factors to consider may range from the design of the padded toilet seat (if it is designed), the color and of course the texture. It is recommended that you settle for soft textures as otherwise, your skin may start reacting to rough edges and similar, causing dermatological issues around the upper thigh and back area. Most padded toilet seats have passed standard quality control tests. So you may want to double check on that aspect before deciding on which toilet seat to choose.

Padded toilet seats that are somewhat raised can help the elderly and those with functional disabilities. Here’s a video illustrating that:

As much as with kids, it is also recommended to use padded toilet seats when caring for elders. Elders usually require as delicate care as needed by children. If they suffer from any terminal illness or disease, the requirement may be even more so important. Depending on medical needs of an elder, you will be able to find padded toilet seats that are specifically designed for certain purposes. Some such padded toilet seats include those made for suffers of back pain and osteoporosis.

One more important thing about using padded toilet seats is to avoid mishandling it. Padded ones need more care than the standard flat type. Therefore, you need to exercise caution at all times when handling padded toilet seats.

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