Toilet Seat with Bidet

Toilet Seat with Bidet

So what do you already know about bidet toilet seats? The common answer to that question would be that bidet toilet seats are suitable for the elderly and the sick. But why make such generalizations when they are suitable for everybody and anybody?

The common myth about bidet toilet seats being suitable for the sick and elderly is based on the idea that, if a sick or elderly person uses a bidet toilet seat, it gives them enough autonomy to complete all related tasks privately without anyone else having to interfere. Although the latter is a major highlight of the functionality of bidet toilet seats, the emphasis may have been over highlighted in the product market, up to the extent of making consumers falsely believe that bidet toilet seats are only for the sick and the elderly. The case is not so, they are for everybody!

Children will benefit from bidet toilet seats because it makes tasks easier for them without requiring too much of skill to handle the related functions. Also, it allows a child to be autonomous and less messy with water. Therefore, if you live with kids, you may want to seriously think about installing that bidet toilet seat.

Moving one step further, bidet toilet seats have also been computerized for easy access. Once again, you may feel that these are only for people who are handicapped or need special aid in one way or another. But the truth of the matter is, there is nothing wrong or harmful in using a computerized bidet toilet seat, yourself if you can afford it. After all, isn’t it high time that luxurious living spread in to the restroom as well?

So you may be open to the idea of installing a bidet toilet seat but you may stop breathless the moment you see the price tag on it. Yes! That is true – as opposed to tradition toilet seats, the bidet toilet seats are quite on the expensive side. So only the super rich or the terminally ill or the hopelessly handicapped, end up using these in their homes.

However, industry news look positive on future outcomes. As is the case with any new technology, bidet toilet seats will also grow out of fashion, the moment something new, better and advanced comes through. So if you fancy extending the luxury to your rest room, it may only be a matter of few months before you could afford a bidet toilet seat. So don’t lose hope on it. In the mean time, remember that bidet toilet seats are for everybody, not just for the sick and the elderly!

Below is a video with a good example of how a bidet toilet seat functions…

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